Commercial Guidelines

Guidlines to Obtain Commercial Building Permits in South Strabane Township
  1. Obtain building permit application by clicking here or from township office.
    Note: Site Plan approval is required for all new commercial buildings and/or additions.
  2. Septic or sewage permit if required.
  3. Labor and industry approval (file number).
  4. Certificate of insurance or affidavit of exemption.
  5. Driveway permit if required.
  6. A current site plan (survey) showing all property boundaries, setbacks and proposed construction.
  7. Three sets of construction drawings consisting of a cross section identifying all structural elements including spans, floor plans, roof plans, elevations, description of materials, and any other relevant information that may be needed.(Drawings must be signed and sealed on all pages) plus an electronic (PDF) copy emailed to the municipality.
  8. A soil analysis sign and sealed.
  9. A completed building application.
  10. Land coverage/ paving fee.
  11. Construction trailer fee.
  12. Permit fees.

What do I Need to Obtain a Final Occupancy Permit?

  • Labor and industry final approval
  • Department of agriculture approval (restaurants)
  • Fire Marshall approval
  • Building official approval
  • Contractors material and test certificates.
  • Concrete testing reports
  • Steel testing reports
  • Copies of any other special inspections required.