K9 Officer - Tornado

K9 Unit

The South Strabane Township Police Department employs a full-time canine team made up of K9 Tornado and his Handler/Officer Keith Zenkovich.

Tornado with his handler Officer Keith Zenkovich
K9 Tornado

Tornado was born 3/9/2020 in Europe and imported specifically to be trained as a dual-purpose police K9. Tornado is certified in drug detection and patrol/ utility. Tornado began his service to the community in June of 2021 and loves going to work with his handler, Officer Keith Zenkovich.

Tornado on a Lunch Break
Handler/ Officer Keith Zenkovich

Handler/ Officer Keith Zenkovich is a a 22- year veteran Officer, with 5-years at SSPD. Additionally, Officer Zenkovich brought with him 10 years of experience as a K9 handler while working for his previous employer. Officer Zenkovich was enthusiastic and proud when discussing how he came to pick his new partner. “Out of all of the dogs that we tested, we felt his drive and willingness to work was extraordinary. K9 Tornado is a very confident dog and he just really made an impression,” said Officer Zenkovich.

Tornado on Patrol
Training and Certifications

K9 Tornado and Officer/ Zenkovich never take a day off from training, as K9 Tornado travels home with Zenkovich at the end of each shift. The team completes multiple hours of in K9/ handler specific in-service training each week to maintain their certifications in both drug detection and patrol/ utility work.

Tornado with his truck

K9 Tornado and Officer/ Handler Zenkovich are assigned to Patrol duties and will be visible throughout the community during their regularly scheduled shifts. K9 Tornado’s special duties will include: tracking lost/ endangered persons, tracking criminal suspects, the discovery of dangerous drugs, and the apprehension of dangerous criminal offenders. Additionally, the team is issued a dedicated K9 vehicle and is available for emergency call-outs during off hours.

K9 Tornado and Officer Zenkovich will also be available to visit or perform demonstrations at your special event.

Tornado on Watch
More Information

For more information, or to discuss a visit from K9 Tornado and Officer Zenkovich, please contact Officer Zenkovich at: