Animal Control

Residents who need to report an animal control matter or to report dogs running loose, please contact the Township's Animal Control Officer (Animal Control Services) at 724-503-4417.

Interactions with wildlife may often times be unpredictable. It is not uncommon for animals such as deer, raccoon, etc. to become injured along Township and state roadways and find their way onto private property. If this should occur there are a few options residents can take.

  • If the animal is no longer alive, and on private property, residents are encouraged to call the appointed animal control officer at 724-503-4417.
  • If the animal is wounded and cannot be removed from your property, please contact the South Strabane Police Department at 724-225-9055 or directly Dial 9-1-1.
  • If a carcass is observed on a state road residents may contact PennDOT's District 12 office at 724-627-6131 or alert the Township of the circumstance to ensure the animal is removed. Please note that PennDOT has a 72-hour response window for animal removal. Further information regarding District 12 can be found here
  • If a carcass is observed on a Township road residents are asked to contact the Township Office at 724-225-9055 to ensure the animal is removed in a timely matter. 

If a wild animal has made a habit of visiting private property or perhaps has established a temporary residence of their own we encourage residents to contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission's Southwest Regional Office at 724-238-9523. They may also be reached via email at Further information regarding the PA Game Commission may be found here

*** Please note that all animal related services conducted on private property are the financial responsibility of the property owner. 

 To access the Township's entire Animal Ordinance please click here.