ACT 32 Certification Form

Starting on January 1, 2012, all Pennsylvania employers will be responsible for withholding local Earned Income Taxes from employee paychecks. Your help is needed to insure the local income taxes deducted from your paycheck are received by South Strabane Township and the Trinity Area School District for the benefit of your family.

To prepare for this change, all employees are required to file a Certificate of Residency Form with their employers. The 6 digit Political Subdivision Code (PSD) on this form determines which Municipality and School District will receive your Earned Income Tax payment.

To assist South Strabane Township residents, we have attached a Certification of Residency Form with the PSD Code already inserted. Please proceed to do the following.

  1. Complete the remainder of the top section, entitled “Employee Information Residence Location”
  2. Sign the bottom section to certify the information you provided is correct.
  3. The employer is responsible for completing the middle section.
  4. Take your completed Certification of Residency Form as soon as possible to your employer's payroll department.

If you do not complete and take the Certification of Residency Form to your employer there is a good chance that your taxes will be directed to another municipality and school district. Should this be the case, you are still responsible for paying taxes to South Strabane Township and the Trinity Area School District. In addition, your payment will be subject to penalties and interest.

If your employer's payroll department is unfamiliar with the form, please suggest they contact Keystone Collections at 1 (888) 328-0558. Please submit this form to your employer as soon as possible. Our ability to continue to deliver the services your family expects and deserves depends on your cooperation.

Please call the Township office at (724) 225-9055 with any questions.