Police Department

New Police Department Building

The South Strabane Township Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency, with an authorized workforce of twenty (21) sworn officers, and one (1) civilian employee. Our service area is comprised of approximately twenty- three (23) square miles of residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial areas, with a total population of 9,346 residents. We are uniquely situated to serve a far greater daily population as our jurisdiction contains Interstates 70 and 79, US Routes 40 and 19, and shopping destinations such as Tanger Outlets, Trinity Point, Strabane Square, and the Old Mill.

It is our mission to improve the quality of life of citizens living, working, or visiting the Township. To carry out this mission, we seek to reduce criminal opportunities, identify and apprehend those offenders that choose to break the law, and by creating and maintaining a feeling of security within the Township.

We strongly believe in building and maintaining relationships within our community and invite you to contact us to discuss the various crime prevention and education services that we offer. Please feel free to contact our Department for any questions or concerns that you may have.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Chief Drew Hilk Chief
Bradlee McClay Sergeant
Mike Manfredi Sergeant
Ken Torboli Sergeant Detective
Seth Kelley Sergeant
Mike Schidlmeier Detective
Ryan Hoffman Officer
Tim Gray Officer
James McKean Officer
Eric Holt Officer
Stephen McWreath Officer
Aaron Vanatta Officer
John Tegley Officer
Andrea Steiner Officer
John Beckus Officer
Keith Zenkovich Officer
Jaimie Quintero Officer
Cindy Chastel Police Clerk (724) 225-8111
Joseph Joscsak Officer
Dominic Faieta Officer