Join Our Fire Department


  1. Each new applicant is required to complete a hands on fundamental training program within the first three months of their probationary period.
  2. After completion of fundamental training new recruits will take a written test and score at least an 80% prior to being given clearance to answer calls.
  3. Every active fire fighter must attend at least 1 training session per month to retain their active fire fighting status. (If a fire fighter is unable to make training he/she may make up training with any officer to retain their active status.)
  4. Each New recruit must attend an Essentials of Firefighting class certified by state of Pennsylvania in the first year of their probation
  5. Each new fire fighter shall attend a fundamental fire fighting certified class within their first year of membership.
  6. Every firefighter shall be trained in Haz Mat first responder in order to respond to Haz Mat calls.
  7. Every firefighter trained to be an interior fire fighter must take a physical agility test at least once per year.
  8. Every fire fighter that responds to emergency's must have an annual refresher training on air packs
  9. Any member that has been absent from active firefighter service for a period of 4 months or longer shall be required to retake the fundamentals written exam and score 80% to be reinstated to answering fire calls.
  10. Drivers that have absented themselves for a period of 4 months or longer shall be required to have 3 hours of drivers training instruction prior to being placed back on drivers list.

Application for Membership