Recycling & Waste Collection

The Township began its state-mandated recycling program in 1992. All residences must participate in the program which consists of once-per-month collection of aluminum & bi-metal cans, plastic containers (#1 & #2 only) and paper products, including cardboard, in a 20-gallon blue recycling container provided by the Township. All residences are entitled to one Township provided recycling bin. Additional bins may be purchased at the Township Municipal Building for $9 with a lid being an additional $4. The entire Recycling Ordinance may be viewed here

Recyclable materials are collected on the 1st Monday of each month, unless impacted by a recognized holiday, by Waste Management. The 2019 schedule can be found here.

Multifamily locations in the Township are responsible to implement their own recycling programs and report to the Township annually on the quantity of materials recycled.

Businesses, commercial, and industrial locations in the Township must recycle aluminum cans, corrugated cardboard and office paper. Annual reports are to be submitted to the Township on the quantity of materials recycled. The FM-11 Act 101 Reporting form may be found here.